10 Travel YouTubers You Should Watch

10 Travel YouTubers You Should Watch
10 Travel YouTubers You Should Watch | Bad with Directions Blog | If you're looking for travel inspiration, here are some of my favorite travel youtubers, travel vloggers, and travel diaries that can inspire you to plan your next trip around the world.

YouTube is a wonderful place on the Internet. You can find anything from funny videos to how-to tutorials, reviews, or even lifestyle inspiration. As a traveler, I tend to follow a lot of travel YouTubers, bloggers, and Instagrammers.

Most of these travel YouTubers don’t have many subscribers, which I find super surprising. I mean, there are a lot of beauty bloggers that have millions, but these travel YouTubers are still on the smaller side – which makes me want to share them even more!

If you’re not following these travel YouTubers yet, definitely subscribe to their channels and keep up with them for travel inspiration and knowledge.

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Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo are my absolute favorite travel duo! They speak different languages, travel cheaply, and are always making me laugh. Their down-to-earth attitudes and positive humor can keep you binge-watching all day.

On their most recent adventure, they were in Kenya helping LifeStraw give clean drinking water to African schools. Check out their channel or even their blog, and “Shut up and Go.”


Hey Nadine

Nadine is a quirky travel YouTuber with lots of vlogs and hacks for traveling around the world. She is full of experience and loves to share her tips and tricks with the rest of us who are interested in learning about other cultures. She’s also upbeat and energetic, so watching her videos are always fun.

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Raya was Here

Raya is such a beautiful soul with a wonderful heart. She’s extremely calm in all her videos, donates to charities, and hasn’t lived anywhere for longer than three years!

She also helps fundraise to build a school in Laos and is currently donating all her proceeds from her Cape Town videos to help with the water crisis (her new home for the next few months).

She’s spontaneous and has a long-distance relationship (like moi) with Fun For Louis, another travel YouTuber!


Fun for Louis

Since we just mentioned Raya was Here, we should definitely bring up Fun for Louis. Louis is another great travel YouTuber. He’s a bit more popular than the rest and is currently working on a documentary where he and his friend fly their helicopter around the world. Bucket list anyone?


Lindsay Mc

I recently ran into Lindsay’s videos on YouTube and what I love about her is that she’s a real traveler. (I mean all travel is “real” but she displays the good with the bad). She shows how amazing travel is, but also how things can go wrong – it’s not all just luxury and smiles.

I definitely recommend her videos for solo female travelers who wonder how it’s possible to go around the world by yourself. Or for those who want a real, fun, and cheap travel experience.



I have been following Aly on YouTube for a while now, and she’s helped a lot with work and holiday information for Australia. I would also consider her to be a more realistic travel YouTuber with great information for backpackers and people trying to travel cheaply. She’s lived in different countries and is an inspiration for those looking into a more nomadic lifestyle.

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Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen Sarah is a lovely traveler who’s into a simplistic lifestyle. She’s a minimalist, lives in an RV, and makes sure to spend her money on all the nice travel experiences. Her videos give a lot of different ideas and tips that don’t come around often — definitely an informational travel channel.



These two vagabond brothers are super insightful and adventurous. They provide valuable travel videos and vlogs which make you want to buy the next plane ticket out. Their beautifully edited cultural and culinary videos make you want to eat your way around the globe.


Living on a One Way

Shayla is such a positive spirit with a smile that can really brighten your day. She’s been traveling full-time since 2015 and has a very generous and caring soul. I binge-watched her videos and love that she posts normal everyday content as well as her travel-related videos. Keep up with her as she volunteers and creates her own life one flight at a time.


Backpacking Bananas

Christianne is a bubbly digital nomad that really gets your travel juices flowing. She’s making up life as she goes and has the flexibility to go around without physical ties to any one place. I recommend her for those who are interested in traveling more long-term or who are finding ways to be your own boss.

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Other YouTubers

As a bonus, here are two other YouTubers I would recommend. These aren’t pure travel channels, but they have pretty cool, inspiring, and beautifully edited travel videos I recommend to check out.

They are more on the luxurious side of traveling but serve as great inspiration for those looking for “Instagram Worthy” places.

  • Shay Mitchell

  • Aspyn Ovard & Parker

There you have it! 10+ travel YouTubers to subscribe to and keep up with when the travel bug is itching.

Do you keep up with any of these travel YouTubers?



  1. March 29, 2018 / 12:47 pm

    Thanks for the recommendations Nicole! I’ll check them out. From this list I only know Damon and Jo. They’re so funny! Haha…I also know Fun for Louis, but I haven’t subscribed to his channel yet. I saw him in Zoe Sugg and Alfie vlogs.

    • March 30, 2018 / 9:07 am

      I absolutely LOVE Damon and Jo. So glad you watch them too!! I hope you can start watching other travel YouTubers. Let me know which ones you like! (= Thanks for reading Andrea!

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