Stargazing Travel Ideas for a Starry Night

Stargazing Travel Ideas for a Starry Night

One of my most memorable travel experiences was in the eighth grade when we took a class trip to New Mexico. I remember sitting in the middle of the White Sands and seeing how big everything was compared to me. The sun was the biggest I’ve ever seen, and the night sky was even more amazing. That’s when my love for stargazing began.

If you ever find yourself chasing the sun, why not pause and think whether you’d like to chase the stars too. A clear night sky is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see and can be a super humbling experience. If you venture out into the great outdoors with wide open spaces, the views you’ll see will leave you in awe – for years. Not only that, but outdoor adventure holidays are also really fun. If you’re interested, I’ve got a few stargazing travel ideas for you.

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Stargazing Travel Ideas | Bad with Directions Blog | Stargazing is one of the best things you could do while traveling, and one of the most humbling experiences ever. Here are some ideas I have for some stargazing activities.


Camping is one of the best ways to spend your time stargazing. You’ll most likely be in a nice rural area, with just you and another few tents around. The wide open space (and lack of city lights) will set you up perfectly for a night under the stars. There’s just something so relaxing and peaceful about camping as well, and it’s so cheap compared to other holiday ideas!

All you’ll need is a tent, a blow-up bed, a duvet or sleeping bag, and a few essentials such as a gas cooker and a generator (depending on your camping style). A generator takes you up to the next level of camping comfort, but if you’re planning on camping a lot, they’re really worth the money. You can check out generator reviews to find out which one to get that will suit your needs.

A lot of the camping sites that you could pitch up at are amazing as well. Some will have on site facilities, and others will have cool activities such as rock-climbing, kayaking, waterboarding, white water rafting, and hiking. Some of my favorite spots to go to are:

  • New Mexico
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Muir Woods

There are many places you could go even just for the day/night instead of camping for too long.


Iceland has long been at the top of the throne when it comes to stargazing. Their night sky always seems brighter, and you can see a TON of stars! Plus, some of the places you can stop at just offer you the best views on the planet. You can stay in glass top igloo styled cabins that will give you the opportunity to stargaze all night without even having to leave the comfort of your own bed (talk about a bucket list opportunity). It really is a therapeutic experience. There’s plenty of things do is in Iceland as well, one of the main being the Blue Lagoon that attracts millions of people each year.


This is one people wouldn’t usually consider for stargazing, but it is perhaps the best way to do it while still getting the see the world! Cruises spend most of their time at sea, and there will be plenty of times where you’re traveling at night. So if the sky is clear, you will get to see the universe in all its beauty. There are so many amazing destinations that you can visit on a cruise, and they’re well worth the money!

Your backyard/rooftop

Assuming you’re not in a super populated or well-lit area, you could always use your own backyard or rooftop as a stargazing area. There are even places in some major cities with rooftops that are accessible by the public — do some research and see if there are some near you that you could go to.

Talking about research, you could also attend stargazing events where there are actual telescopes made for seeing the smallest of stars.

Where do you go stargazing on a starry night?


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