A Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden

A Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden
Day trip to Malmö, Sweden | Bad with Directions Blog | Planning a trip to Malmo in Sweden? Going to Copenhagen and have extra time on your hands? Look at this day trip / one day itinerary for Malmo! This travel guide will show you the places to visit in Malmo, the sights to see, where to go, and what to see. Enjoy your holiday!

Planning on going to Sweden and crossing it off your list? OOORRR are you going to Copenhagen and have some extra time on your hands? Well… I definitely recommend taking a quick day trip to Malmö!

You’ve most likely heard about Stockholm (which I STILL have to visit) BUT have you heard of Malmö? It’s a relatively small city in the South of Sweden and is easily accessible from Copenhagen. I literally had no idea Denmark and Sweden were connected by a bridge. A super cool bridge at that! My boyfriend completely nerded out about it because the Øresund Bridge is the longest road and rail bridge in Europe AND goes under and over water (super cool to look at).

The city is also extremely walkable (depending on the weather). My boyfriend and I ended up walking to all of the locations and although we took our time, we were done in about 5 hours (with lunch included)!


Getting to Malmö from Copenhagen is super easy

From the Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), it takes about 30 minutes by train and is only three stops away. BUT make sure to bring your passport, because it will be checked by Swedish/Danish police when crossing the border.

If you’re going to Malmö from Copenhagen’s Central Station, it is only six stops away.

Besides getting to ride on an iconic bridge, it is a great way to see the landscape and windmills (there are SOOO many!)

Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden | Bad with Directions | Blog

So, what is there to see in Malmö?

Starting from the Malmö Central Station, you can walk a few blocks and already see some nice sights, plazas and shops.

1. Malmö Rådhus (The Town Hall)

Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden | Bad with Directions | Blog

The town hall is a very nice building, but sadly was under construction when we went. We did find these super cool band statues though! Hopefully you are lucky enough to see the town hall during your trip.

2. Lilla Torg (a nice square with food)

This is a great place to get something to eat and relax for a bit. Maybe even people-watch. These are sit-down restaurants such as Italian, a steakhouse, even TGI Fridays…no matter what you eat, make sure to get a cinnamon roll for dessert!

If you walk a few blocks to the left, you will find the main shopping street. You can find typical clothing stores as well as cool quirky shops and cafés. Take a break and walk into Flying Tiger of Sweden (super quirky!)

3. Castle Mill in Malmö’s Slottsparken

Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden | Bad with Directions | Blog

This mill is super peaceful to look at it. It reminds me of the eye test they do with the red barn on a green field (for those of you with glasses). If the weather permits, definitely make your way through the park, relax, and maybe have a picnic!

4. Malmöhus Castle

The Renaissance castle looks really cool because it has a moat around it and a windmill right behind it. If you’re super into history, definitely take a look inside. This castle was where they minted Danish coins (back when Norway, Denmark, and Sweden were all one) and where prisoners were beheaded — interesting mix!

5. Turning Torso (the tallest building in Scandinavia)

Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden | Bad with Directions | Blog

This building is also super interesting, like a lot of Scandinavian architecture. The Turning Torso is another iconic building in the architecture world as it is the first twisted skyscraper! Walking wise, it’s a bit out the way (you can also see it from the train). But if you’re into buildings, I would recommend walking and getting a closer look.

Is a Day Trip to Malmö Worth it?

If I’m totally honest, I wouldn’t go for a full day, but for an afternoon for sure! It’s such a small place and conveniently next to Copenhagen, which makes it tempting to go visit.

I definitely don’t think it allows for crossing ‘Sweden’ off your list exactly, but it can definitely help add some context to what Sweden is like. Stockholm is still on this list and will hopefully come up soon!

TIP: After your trip to Malmö, head back to Copenhagen and relax with some drinks and board games at Bastard Cafe!

Have you visited Malmö (or Sweden) yet?



  1. November 16, 2017 / 6:06 am

    So weird that they check your passport. I used to go between Germany/France/Luxembourg all the time with no issues!

    Corinne x

  2. November 11, 2017 / 8:55 pm

    Love this post! You captured the city’s beauty and charm perfectly. It really is such a nice place to take a day trip. 🙂

    Madison http://breakfastatmadisons.com

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