10 Travel YouTubers You Should Watch

YouTube is a wonderful place on the Internet. You can find anything from funny videos to how-to tutorials, reviews, or even lifestyle inspiration. As a traveler, I tend to follow a lot of travel YouTubers, bloggers, and Instagrammers. Most of these travel YouTubers don’t have…

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The Ultimate Guide to Booking Cheap Flights

A lot of people in the blogging world and in my personal life have asked how I manage to travel on a budget. One of the biggest costs when it comes to traveling tends to be flights. Flights and accommodation can take out a big…

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Some Alternative Travel Experiences

Are you already thinking about your travel plans for 2018? If so, don’t stick to the same old forms of travel that you’ve done in the past. Instead, opt for some new travel experiences you’ve never tried before. It could turn out to be one…

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Blog Goals for Bad with Directions in 2018

I am very proud of how far Bad with Directions has come (read part one of this post: my six-month update) but I definitely feel like it has a lot of room to grow, lot’s of room for improvement, and I’m ready to take it more…

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Six-Month Blogging Recap

So…it has officially been six months since Bad with Directions was born. I’m extremely happy knowing this because I read/heard somewhere that a lot of blogs fail within the first six months. This is super good for me because I am still getting into the…

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