How to Get in the Holiday Spirit – Blogmas

How to Get in the Holiday Spirit – Blogmas
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Do you feel the holiday season already? Christmas is fast approaching and WE ARE IN THE HOLIDAYS BABY! I freaking love this season! Check out what I love about it here. But anyway, if you find yourself a little off, or not really in the holiday mood — here are some tips for getting in the holiday spirit! It only comes once a year, so why not make it special?

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How to get in the holiday spirit:

1. Play holiday tunes

What better way than to play festive music loud and proud in your home! I even created a playlist for you if you’re interested and need some inspiration. (Or, if you’re really feeling down, just play whichever music makes you feel more upbeat, energetic, and happy).

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2. Light up the house

This could mean lighting some festive candles, turning on some Christmas lights, looking at your neighbors lights, or you could maybe even…


3. Set up your tree

How to get in the Holiday Spirit | Bad with Directions

…if you haven’t already. Setting up the tree can be stressful, or fun! So make it fun! Bring out all your favorite tree decorations and enjoy being creative. Let your inner child come out! Deck the halls while singing along, dance with your dogs, or put on your favorite festive jammies and jam out!


4. Bake something

What better way than baking something yummy and delicious in the oven? Baking makes your house all warm, makes your home smell AMAZING, and makes you feel super sweet and cozy. Check out some easy holiday pastry recipes and eat up!

Here is one by Breakfast at Madison’s that I absolutely can’t wait to try!


5. Watch holiday films

This isn’t HUGE on my list, but if you love watching movies, then definitely try this one. Cuddle up in your warm blankets and a mug of hot cocoa, while watching Elf, Love Actually, or even the Grinch – whatever you fancy. This might only be a temporary fix though, so try to mix it up with everything else listed to really get in the holiday spirit.


6. Dress up and go out

Make plans with friends you haven’t seen in a while: go to dinner, go ice-skating, or take part in a secret santa potluck dinner at someone’s home. You can even help them decorate their trees. You can bake at their home (or at yours), you get the idea!

As long you dress up (maybe some tights or leggings and a beautiful coat), and you do something with someone who has a higher energy and positive vibes, then you will also end up happy.

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7. Go window shopping

Now this tip isn’t for everyone! But if you think going to a store, hearing the festive music and looking at the festive displays, will help boost your energy. Then do it! Just make sure to leave your wallet at home (we don’t need to buy things to get in the holiday spirit).


8. Take care of yourself

Maybe you’re not feeling so hot because of x, y, and z. But maybe taking care of yourself can make you feel better. Run yourself a bubble bath with some Lush bath balms, paint your nails a beautiful red color, do a face mask, or even change your bedding to clean and beautiful sheets. Dedicate time to yourself…but also…


9. Help others

It’s the season of giving! So why not help others? You can do something charitable by giving your time, or money, to an organization, cause, or a stand outside of a store. Or you could even help someone close to you.

Are your parents stressed with all the shopping they need to get done? Offer to do it for them. Help wrap gifts, clean the house, cook dinner, or even help your siblings get cleaned up. You could even hug them or write them sweet and thoughtful Christmas cards (oh what fun!)

Why not bake something for your neighbors (does anyone do that anymore??), or for someone on the street. Help people carry groceries to their car, pay for someone’s coffee, bridge toll, or parking meter if it’s about to run out, etc.

Honestly, the options are endless. Helping people can be big or small. The good thing, is that no matter the size of the gesture, you will ALWAYS feel good after!

I feel better even with just writing this post! Writing about all the possible ways to get in the holiday spirit, has made me feel happier and more cheerful. We should be as positive as we can be, and pass that positivity on to others.

So…what do you do to get in the holiday spirit?



  1. December 8, 2017 / 11:06 am

    This post is AMAZING! Yes, yes, yes. I have my tree set up, I’ve been listening to Christmas music 24/7, and candles are everywhere. 🙂 I hope you like the muffins. You must let me know! Also love how you included taking care of yourself and helping out others. This time of the year is so busy, and it’s easy to forget to do little things like that. <3


    • December 8, 2017 / 12:08 pm

      I will definitely let you know about the muffins! But yes, doing little things can make a HUGE difference. Keep that holiday spirit girl! ?

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