August Blogging Goals – One Month In!

August Blogging Goals – One Month In!

I know it’s a little late to write about my August blogging goals, but I want to write them anyway! I see many bloggers posting their goals and I find it super personal and transparent to write about your progress and what you hope to accomplish.

Anyway, I officially launched my blog on the 4th of July this year and I guess it’s technically been a month since then. I’ve come a long way and am SUPER excited to keep going. I’m literally obsessed with the blog world now! Let’s see if I can reach these goals this month!


I want to post a minimum of twice every week, which will make a total of 22 posts by the end of the month. I did write three yesterday, so I’m closer to reaching that than I thought! Yay!


I ended July with 590 views, and hope to reach 1000! It’s really hard to gauge if goals are too small or too big, but I’ll start getting the hang of it soon.

Social Media

Twitter: 1000

Instagram: 1000

Pinterest: 150 (Joining more group boards would help with this one)

Facebook: 75 (I’m not too focused on this one… it’s too hard to keep up with every social media platform!)

Bloglovin: 50 (I’m actually really happy with my progress here so far, because I ended July with 32 followers and I only aimed for 5!)

WordPress: 25

Blogging Community

I would also like to start making more connections with other bloggers. Maybe have a guest blogger, and even be a guest blogger for others too. So if you’re interested, please let me know!


I am happy with the content I have written so far — hopefully it’s helpful for people going to Barcelona…buuuut, I want to write more! I want to write about other places I’ve traveled to, as well as get more personal.

Bad with Directions is meant to be a travel and lifestyle blog, but so far it’s just travel. So, hopefully this month I can start blogging more about life and open up so readers can know about my personal stories.

I also hope to start growing my email subscriber list. I’m still learning about how to grow it and what I can send to my subscribers, but it’s all a learning process!

Let’s hope I can reach all these goals in less than a month! 🙂

What are your August goals? Write or link them below and I’ll check them out!


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