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A yard tree swing can offer fun for the whole family. When hanging a tree swing the very first issue is the safety of those that will utilize it, the second issue is the health of the tree. The tree you pick need to be fully grown, solid and healthy. If there are any kind of inquiries regarding the suitability of the tree seek advice from a certified arborist before hanging your swing.

Tree Swing Types:

– Tire – single rope
– Board – double rope
– Disc – single rope
– Pro Suggestion: The biggest error people make when hanging a tree swing is simply tying the rope around a branch. This will certainly damage the bark as well as likely lead to choking off the branch, which creates a security problem since the branch is no longer tough. Instead you want to allow space for growth. Ask you landscape developer for guidance on properly to install a rope swing for your details tree.

Tips for selecting the best tree & branch:
– The tree have to be big as well as strong
– The branch should go to least 4 inches in diameter
– A degree branch will certainly give the best and straightest moving movement
Pro Suggestion: We recommend piercing all the way through the branch and also setting up an eyebolt onto which a threaded connector can be affixed. This gives a risk-free, solid add-on for a tree swing without the threat of potentiality choking off the branches development.

Tree swing security tips:

– Hang the swing at the very least 3 feet from the trunk, but not so far out that it emphasizes the branch, a stressed branch could break and also injure a swinger. You can also checkout more details of tree swing kit.
– Provide a soft base for landing – cover the area around the swing with a bed of rubber mulch, fine sand or wood fiber compost
– Never ever use a chain to hang a swing due to the fact that it can quickly pinch children’, or grownups’, fingers