Cheap Travel Philosophy for Exploring the World

Cheap Travel Philosophy for Exploring the World

Travelling shouldn’t have to be expensive, in fact, the best way to see the world is not from various 5-star resorts (even though that’s all we tend to see on Instagram). Even though cheap travel might not always be super Instagramable, it is the best way to extend your travels and to experience a lot of new things. Hotels might be great for a week but if it is life you want to explore then you need to open up your mind.

The cheap travel philosophy is not just about saving your hard-earned cash or even extending it, the cheap travel philosophy is about finding out how the locals live and following their lead. So here are some ways to travel cheaply and make the most of what you have.

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Go with the flow

If you’re a planner then going with the flow might be a stressful idea to begin with, but this is a great way to save your cash and expose yourself to brand new experiences. Take it from me — I used to always have, and need, a plan… but not anymore! 😀

Have a look at Massive Daily for some different locations ideas. Rather than planning every single leg of your trip, going with the flow gives you the freedom to change your mind about where you want to go and how you get there. Just think about having to buy a one-way ticket to Australia and figuring everything out after!

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So, a great way to save money is to be more flexible about the flights you choose, the places you stay at, and even the food you eat! If you are open-minded about when and where you go, then you can save a lot of money. You might also find that you are more open to places that you would never have thought of going before.


Become a digital nomad

An increasingly popular way to travel is funding your travels through freelance work. As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can spend a couple of hours in the morning doing some work and earning your keep, then the rest of the day is yours.

The key to this lifestyle is having a skill that you can sell remotely. Writing and blogging is a great example, but there are other options too including web design, translations, and email marketing. Whatever you can do to boost your income while you are abroad will help you either get to the next location or extend your time there. I don’t make a huge living off of blogging, but it definitely brings in side income which helps!

The Cheap Travel Philosophy | Bad with Directions Blog | Being able to travel and stretch your dollar is a goal for many. Having a cheap travel philosophy can help to make your travel experience so much better.

Travel light

Luggage can be crazy expensive and the less you travel with, the easier it will be to get around. The rule here is that you should be able to carry everything you need with you. You don’t want to juggle too many things around or lug heavy suitcases around everywhere you go. It might mean you don’t get to take everything you want with you, but sometimes having fewer options is a good thing too!

The trick for packing your backpack is to choose thin layers of clothing and to roll them up. This way you won’t overpack, but you will still be able to make up a couple of different outfits. Trains and planes are also much simpler to manage with just a large backpack – just remember to keep your essentials like passport and money separately.

Traveling cheaply is a knack that you will quickly pick up and you will probably find a few other little tips you can pass on to others too.

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Take longer trips

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it can make the most sense depending on where you are traveling to. For example, if you are going to Europe or South East Asia, it could be better to go on a longer trip and explore more places.

Don’t just go to Spain and France – go to the U.K. and Belgium, Germany, or even Greece. Heck – while you’re in Greece, go to Turkey! Since you’re already in the area, transportation is easier and cheaper, you don’t lose out on more money by converting too many times, and you get to enjoy a longer holiday!


Cheap travel can be the best travel

I know we are fed a lot of dream destinations and luxury hotels, but sometimes (most of the time) traveling cheaply can be the most rewarding. You get to experience cultures in a more realistic way, you can eat authentic food, and meet others who are also exploring and learning – I mean, have you ever stayed in a hostel?

Being able to stretch your money and spend on things that really matter – like activities and attractions…or even food – can make the difference during your trip.

What are your best tips for cheap travel?


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