Top 5 Places to get Lost Around the World

Top 5 Places to get Lost Around the World
Top Five Places to get Lost Around the World | Bad with Directions | Love traveling the world? Looking for the best places to runaway and find peace? Here are the top five places to get lost around the world. From San Francisco to Peru to Barcelona and England. Have you gotten lost in any of these places? Do you have another place you enjoy going to to get lost?

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something, and that’s mostly because I’ve been feeling lost. I’ve been debating with myself regarding my future and what I want in life because the next step is coming really soon! Who knew adulting would be so difficult?

Anyway, I figured it’d be fitting to make a post about my top 5 places to get lost around the world — physically and mentally. It would be super nice to go to some of these and just get lost in my thoughts now. Who knows, maybe I could have an epiphany or something!

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Well here go my favorite places in no specific order:

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco Christmas | Bad with Directions | Blog

Although it’s my hometown, I still manage to get lost in SF and find cool places, shops, secret gardens, and nice hang out spots. It’s honestly crazy to see how fast the city is changing thanks to Silicon Valley. There are new streets, new cafés, new trees…a bunch of things popping up left and right. But with the changes comes more discovery.

Walking, biking, or even taking random buses around the city are a great way to find something new and enjoy all it has to offer. From murals and food, to touristic attractions, and sitting under the golden gate… the hiding spots and people-watching are endless. The best part is that it is super central to any thing you want: city, suburbs, beach, snow, mountains, redwoods, Yosemite, you name it! Like I said, SO many places.

2. Cusco, Peru

Machupicchu | Bad with Directions | Blog

Peru is such a beautiful country for many reasons: the food, people, culture, and history are only a few. Cusco (specifically Machupicchu) left me in awe. It’s crazy how intelligent the Incas were and how they created everything from scratch. How they managed to grow hundreds of different types of corn, (choclo in Quechua), by growing them on different leveled terraces in the mountains. Or how they created an entire estate at the top of the mountain and kept it hidden from the Spanish for centuries. This place blew my mind and made me realize how beautiful the world is and how it’s so much bigger than us.

It’s definitely a must-see (I mean it’s one of the seven wonders of the world!) but also because it’s truly incredible.

3. White Sands, New Mexico

White Sands New Mexico | Bad with Directions | Blog

I went to New Mexico on a middle school trip many years ago, but I remember the white sands. How it felt to walk on the bright sand and to sled down the dunes. When sitting in the middle-of-nowhere, you can look up and see no buildings in sight. Seeing the curvature of the Earth above you, and all the empty space around you, makes you realize how little we are and how huge and beautiful this world is.

I will admit seeing the blood-red supersun also contributed to this place making the list, but supersun or not, the sands are a must-see to get lost in your thoughts.

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4. Brighton, England

Brighton Pier, England | Bad with Directions | Blog

Everyone who visits England, goes to London — and I understand why. It’s a beautiful city with LOTS to do. But one thing that should be included in the “to-see” list, is a day trip to Brighton. This cute coastal town will make you feel like you took a time-machine to the 50’s. The simple, old-school boardwalk and amusement park, along with the winding streets with cute shops, will make you feel young again. No matter when you were born, this place makes you remember it’s the simple things that count. You can definitely get lost for hours walking slowly and appreciating its beauty. Hopefully you get good weather, but if not, hop into a cozy little coffee shop and relax.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Bunkers in Barcelona Spain | About Me | Bad with Directions | Blog

This list wouldn’t be complete without Barcelona. The city with the gothic winding streets, the small alley ways, and the weird layout. If you’re thinking of getting lost physically… THIS is the place. I’ve been living here for a year and still get lost. I am always walking down streets I didn’t know existed, but end up somewhere I’ve been plenty of times before. I feel like I will never fully understand the street layout of this city. This city definitely doesn’t help me with my sense of direction (are you bad with directions too?)

While you’re lost, you can find a cool outdoor bar, or a place to eat churros, or even a bench to chill and watch people pass by (who are also probably lost).

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I guess the best part about Barcelona’s confusing streets, is that everything is super walkable. While talking to guests at the hotel I work at, I always tell them they have to get lost around the city. It’s the best way to get a feel for it, to find shops, boutique stores, hidden treasures, see and hear street talent, and to find a spot in your heart for Spain.

Have you ever gotten lost in one of these places?

Where is your favorite place to get lost mentally, physically, or both?



  1. October 14, 2017 / 8:18 am

    I want to take a drive up to San Francisco so bad!! Definately a road trip I’m willing to make. I’d love to visit Spain too! I think it’s amazing that you’ve been living out there. Happy to see you blogging again girl!

    Dee //

    • October 14, 2017 / 8:29 am

      Aww thanks girl! You’re super sweet ? You should definitely road trip along the coast all the way up to SF! It’s a beautiful ride and SO many nice places for pics and relaxing! Let me know if you ever come to Spain! I can definitely let you know all of “the spots” ?

  2. Liz
    October 12, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    Your list is great! And I wholeheartedly agree with San Francisco as your number one choice. I lived there for 10 years and rarely wanted to visit anywhere else. Great choices.

    • October 12, 2017 / 6:23 pm

      Thank you very much! San Francisco is beautiful in many ways. I’m glad you spent a good amount of time there! I’m sure you have some of your favorite spots as well 🙂

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