The Ultimate Guide to Booking Cheap Flights

A lot of people in the blogging world and in my personal life have asked how I manage to travel on a budget. One of the biggest costs when it comes to traveling tends to be flights. Flights and accommodation can take out a big…

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Blog Goals for Bad with Directions in 2018

I am very proud of how far Bad with Directions has come (read part one of this post: my six-month update) but I definitely feel like it has a lot of room to grow, lot’s of room for improvement, and I’m ready to take it more…

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How to Save Money this Holiday Season

This season is beautiful in many ways: from having family over, to being able to drink hot chocolate, wear comfy sweaters, and have pretty lights everywhere. BUT, one of the downsides of this season…is MONEY. We have lists and lists of things we need to…

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5 Ways to Get Currency for a Trip

If you’re going on a trip to a country with a different currency, you’re probably wondering ‘how do I exchange my money?‘ There are multiple ways you can go about paying in a foreign country, but of course it depends on your situation: how long…

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Transferwise Review: The Best Way to Exchange Money

There are many ways you can exchange money when studying/living abroad. The issue is finding the way to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re looking to save money when converting, check out my experience with .   As some of you may…

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