Best Places for Sun-Seeking in Winter

Best Places for Sun-Seeking in Winter

With the holiday season starting to wind down, it’s that time of year when everything begins to feel grey, drab, and a bit depressing. (It’s actually interesting to see the same winter change from festive to bleh). It’s a long time until the first shoots of spring will appear, and the bleak midwinter is well and truly upon us. (Amazing, I know…) Well, if you are feeling down or suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (which is a real thing by the way!), why not book yourself a last-minute trip away to sunnier places? Here are some beautiful suggestions for sun-seeking when you’re suffering from the winter blues.

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St. Lucia, The Caribbean

Best Places for Sun-Seeking in Winter | Bad with Directions Blog

Photo by Artem Pochepetsky on Unsplash

The Caribbean is an excellent place to go when the winter is getting you down – but one of the best islands is St. Lucia. It’s an incredible place with some of the best beaches on the planet, and there are plenty of activities to do if you want more from your trip than just lounging by the sea. Get yourself up to the Gros and Petit Pitons volcanoes with a hiking tour, swim with fish by scuba diving or snorkeling, or enjoy incredible temperatures of around 80-90 degrees (best to go near the end of January to avoid the tropical storms!)


The Cayman Islands

Another must-see Caribbean destination is the Cayman Islands. It’s made up of three separate land masses and is known as something of a playground for the rich and famous. However, there is a lot to do no matter your budget, and plenty of island activities to pass the calm time – when you aren’t relaxing on the white sandy beaches and warm sea waters. The Cayman Islands are a place of extreme beauty and will give you the postcard-experience everyone dreams of. Might as well go sun-seeking through all of the islands in the Caribbean honestly!


Best Places for Sun-Seeking in Winter | Bad with Directions Blog

Photo credit to Backpacker on Pixabay

The Middle East is an area of the world a lot of people are avoiding right now, but a trip to Oman is perfectly safe. And it’s worthwhile, too. The weather is scorching hot at this time of year (just like in Dubai or Abu Dhabi), and Oman is packed full of incredible beaches. Head to Zighy Bay and Sur for a relaxing day in the sun, and if you are looking for some cultural experiences, Muscat is well worth a visit.



Finally, Zanzibar is blessed in its position in the world. It’s officially African – part of Tanzania, in fact – but is also located in the Middle East, and the clash of cultures makes for a tremendous holiday experience. It’s an exotic place, and burning hot into the 80’s at this time of the year. Take a traditional sailboat – known locally as ‘dhows’ – or head to the Jozani Forest for some incredible wildlife and scenery. There are heaps of things to do on this spectacular island – why not go for a not-so-well-known place?


The Maldives

Best Places for Sun-Seeking in Winter | Bad with Directions Blog

Photo by Mohamed Thasneem on Unsplash

If you want to plan for a long journey away, try the Maldives. It’s an archipelago in the midst of the Indian Ocean and is an incredible place for a relaxing holiday. Palm trees, beautiful clear blue waters, and golden sun-kissed beaches are everywhere, although it really is a place for pure relaxation — so go when you need a true break from the wintery weather everywhere else!


Well there you have five places to go sun-seeking in winter!

I can even add Australia to this list! Ever had a summery-Christmas?!

Let me know if you’ve ever spent the winter in a not-so-wintery place. I’d love to know!



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