My New Years Resolutions for 2018

My New Years Resolutions for 2018

So, we all have New Years resolutions, goals, objectives, whatever you want to call them. For some reason, the new year feels like the perfect time to start changing our lives for the better. And every year we (well at least I) feel super motivated at the beginning and then kind of drift back to the usual habits a few weeks in (IF that).

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I am posting my new years resolutions here to serve as even MORE motivation to keep them up and actually make them into habits. Well, here we go…this year I want to:


Blog more

Seriously. Consistently. With more discipline, strategy, and motivation. I want to make a blogging business plan and actually follow it to start making some profit. That is actually one of my goals for this year: make profit from my blog.

This is like multiple resolutions in one because it also means taking part in the blogging community. Engaging more with other bloggers, actively participating in blogging activities on Twitter and Instagram. As well as commenting on other blogs, guest blogging, and collaborating with others. I want to start making connections and really focus on my blog this year. I took too long to even make it to begin with, so now that I have it, I should really go at it full-force.

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Journal daily

I keep reading so much about how journaling daily can really help you reflect on life, on your inner-self, and can help you find answers to things. It also serves as a good record for your day-to-day life. I’ve always had a bunch of journals but never really did anything with them. But this year I spent a good amount of money on them and can’t wait to use them and fill them up! I already have two entries in and I am very happy with that.


Be healthier

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. Everyone says this every year, and yeah. I agree with you. BUT I don’t just mean being physically active (even though I want to do yoga or Zumba). But I also mean cooking at home more and trying new recipes, oil pulling to keep my teeth healthy, and waking up early to get a headstart in the day and have time with myself.


Read at least 24 books

I used to read a lot when I was younger… but then the internet happened. I’m sad about the fact that I don’t read. I feel like the inner me would love to read. I can spend hours in book shops looking at all types of books, but once I get home, I find it hard to pick up a book. My goal for this year is to read at least 24 books (two a month shouldn’t be that difficult right??) Well I have no idea… but just to get myself motivated already, I have four books lined up and ready to be read:

I also have a list of books that I want to read but don’t have a physical copy of just yet:

Hopefully this list can get me started and get me into the habit of reading consistently.

Become financially intelligent

I have always been good when it comes to managing my money and making sure I have income and savings and everything in between. However, lately I’ve had less income because I am currently interning in Barcelona — and let’s be honest, they don’t really pay interns well!

Anyway, I have started a little financial spreadsheet on Google Docs and have started budgeting for my first time, and I actually really like it! So I basically want to keep up with this, adjust it to my lifestyle and what works best for me, and start growing my savings even more for my future — because who doesn’t like financial stability?


Look/be more “put-together”

I always love looking at “sophisticated/classy” outfits, and fall in love with everything in Mango, but unfortunately I don’t dress that way. Even though I have a lot of “sophisticated” pieces in my wardrobe, I always tend to go for the jeans and converse. I think if I dress more of the way that I’d love to, then I would feel more confident.

Do you ever dress comfortable and then once you step outside in public you just feel kinda crappy? That’s me A LOT of the time. And I really shouldn’t keep doing that to myself.


Brush up on languages

Since I work in a hotel, I have to speak multiple languages, but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t feel really confident in any language (even English on some days). I really want to keep practicing my Spanish and Portuguese, and I think it’s time I actually put in effort to learn French. Duolingo will be my best friend this year! Some weekly lessons in each language will really help me. I am also up for reading books in these languages!


Be more emotionally open

Now I’ll be honest and say that I’m not the most emotional person out there. I’m not super romantic, I’m horrible when it comes to keeping in touch with people, and I find it super easy to fall off the planet for weeks on end. Ask my mother…she goes so long without hearing a word from me…sorry ma!

Anyway, my point is that being more emotionally open and speaking with my loved ones consistently will make me feel happier inside. I will make it a point to speak to someone special to me every single day. To actually pick up the phone and call someone, or send a loving message, or to spend quality time with someone near me. Just like with the blogging community, I have to engage more with others and keep the relationships alive.


Practice gratitude, positivity, and…

…the Law of Attraction.

I don’t know if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, but I do. I have seen it work for me in so many ways, and with others, and I want to start incorporating it into my daily life. Along with this, comes gratitude and positivity. I have added a space to write the things I am grateful for in my 2018 bullet journal. This, along with my daily journaling, will help me start working toward a more abundant and fulfilled life. I’m super excited to see what this year will bring!

What are your new years resolutions for 2018?

I think it’s super interesting how we try to revamp ourselves every year and am SUPER interested in hearing what yours are. Best of luck to everyone, and major props to those who keep them!

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