Slay Your Goals in 2018 – Planner Review

Preparing for a new year is always one of my favorite things to do. I know it’s just another calendar day but it feels like a fresh start. (It’s even better for 2018 because January starts on a Monday!!! — isn’t that super satisfying?!) Anyway,…

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My Favorite Quotes of the Year (2017)

Who doesn’t love a good quote? Quotes are magical — like music. They’re relatable, inspirational, and make you feel like getting up and kicking butt. They also make so much sense in this weird thing we call life. Every year we go through different ups…

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Things I’m Grateful for this Year

I have been slacking so much on my blog — way to go Blogmas! It’s really just because I finally have holidays from work, so my boyfriend was visiting, and now I’m in London visiting him (which I’m totally grateful for — no complaints here!)…

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Christmas Blog Tag – Blogmas

For today, I decided I would do the Christmas Blog Tag for something a little light-hearted and quick. Hope you enjoy reading! Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash 1. What is your favorite Christmas film? I absolutely love Elf and can watch it a million times over!…

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How to Get in the Holiday Spirit – Blogmas

Do you feel the holiday season already? Christmas is fast approaching and WE ARE IN THE HOLIDAYS BABY! I freaking love this season! Check out what I love about it here. But anyway, if you find yourself a little off, or not really in the holiday…

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